Terrarium Workshops for Schools & Clubs

Kids have a blast playing with all the natural elements of a terrariums as they embark on making their very own tiny world. Watch their creativity run wild as the create a mini landscape for there tiny world.

Playing with nature promotes exploration and- curiosity in children. Children learn to care for nature by interacting with it. Plus when interacting with nature they are developing respect for living things and how to be gentle.

Terrariums are special because they are fun to make, need only bright indirect light and no watering! Terrarium building is a great group activity, everyone relaxes and has a wonderful time checking out each other’s work. Engaging with nature relieves stress, restores mental energy, instills a feeling of calmness and is a natural mood booster.

When Jardin Terrariums comes to your school or venue all materials you will need are brought to your location, set up, Kathleen facilitates the activity and cleans up afterward. The activity takes approximately one hour.


What's Provided:

A jar for each child, variety of sand colors for base, stones, moss (and plant if that was selected), soil, and a variety of decorations such as but not limited too: plastic animals, sea shells, sea glass, colored pebbles, rocks with stamped messages or pictures, flower and butterfly sequins.

Each child will receive a bag with instructions for care to bring their terrarium home in. 



$5 per person: Tiny jar, moss.              $10 per person: Little jar, moss
$15 per person: Small jar, one plant Custom options available by request

All options include a variety of decoration items. Plastic jars available.

There are many ways for terrariums to be customized for your event, ask how!

Contact Kathleen Rullo for all the details:

  • jardinterrariums@gmail.com              
  • 585-364-9333