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Are you feeling down or stressed? Is your energy zapped by midday? Engaging with nature is a proven way to boost concentration, improve mood and creativity. Spend your lunch hour nourishing your body with food and soul with nature. Then feel relaxed and ready to concur the rest of the day! Choose you style jar when purchasing your ticket and there will be a variety of materials to work with to create the perfect terrarium during the workshop. Bring your terrarium back to work with you and enjoy a little slice of nature in your work space. Bonus: Terrariums are easy to care for they love indirect light and to be left alone!

12:30-1:30pm on April 23, May 21, and June 18


Fun new event! Chocolate & Plant

Tickets are $40 they include all materials for building a terrarium plus chocolate samples and a cheese plate to keep up your strength.

These events will take place at:

Laughing Gull Chocolates

1868 East Main Street, Rochester, NY