Are you ready to have fun with nature?

Terrarium building lets you enjoy the health benefits of connecting with nature in a way that is relaxing, fun and results in an easy to care for terrarium. A terrarium is a little world under glass with each having its very own ecosystem. Why is this so special? It means that they need very little care, they love to be left alone! This makes terrariums wonderful way to have plants. 

Want to plan an event for yourself or business? Investigate the options under the ‘Private Events’ tab. Our Private Events are geared towards adults and businesses. Terrarium building is great for celebrations, team building or group events. Each workshop provides all the supplies needed and takes about 1-2 hours for instruction and building the terrariums. 

Check out the PlantED jr. tab for workshops are geared towards the younger crowd and work wonderful for schools, libraries, Scouts and clubs. The projects are smaller taking about 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Each workshop provides all the supplies needed with instruction and guidance building the terrariums. 

Under the Terrarium Kits tab you can create a great addition to birthday parties or a group activity. Everything you will need to build the terrarium(s) is in the kit(s) plus easy to follow instructions. There are many themes available to customize the activity to your event. Terrarium building is a great activity for birthday parties because it keeps the kids busy for about an hour and is a terrific take away from the party so no extra party bags needed! 

There so many ways that these events or terrariums can be customized so if you have any desires for your event and they are not listed please don't hesitate to ask



Meet the Owner

Kathleen Rullo started Jardin Terrariums LLC in 2015 in an effort to combine her love of nature and teaching. She has her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and has loved plants since the moment she could play in the dirt. It is her quest to help people engage and reconnect with nature with fun hands-on projects. Kathleen lives in Fairport, NY and enjoys supporting her community by being a board member for the Fairport Perinton Merchants Association and Chairperson for the Fairport Public Arts Committee.